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Hackers In Ukraine Stole Information From Online Dating Network Anastasia

Running a business is not an easy task, especially when you are in Ukraine. In a series of cyber attacks carried out over the last few months, many individuals and businesses suffered a huge loss. Most of them have either shut down their operation or are on the verge of doing so. This is not the first time when it has happened, and certainly not the last time.

Insights Of The Matter

Recently, an investigation team in the Cherkasyregion of Ukraine found out that a group of hackers had attempted to wipe thousands of computers in more than 60 countries. The main cause behind this cyber attack is said to be the monetary demand. According to reports, hackers want a ransom amount in exchange of decrypting all the computers that got infected in this attack.

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The investigation team handling this matter has come to realize that the same group who was behind this attack had transferred a total of £8000 worth of bitcoins from one of their accounts to another right after this attack. Along with this discovery, they also came across a message from hackers which claimed that they were ready to step down if the government could make a one-time payment of £200,000. Things look pretty simple from this angle, but experts believe this is not the complete truth. According to the research team deployed by the government to track hackers, their primary objective was to create a nationwide panic situation. The monetary demand is just to divert everyone’s attention from the real issue. They are not here for monetary gains as their goal was to devastate businesses and create panic among individuals.

Local Businesses Hope For An End To Misery

Local businesses like Anastasia Dating Network suffered huge losses in the form of client data, credit card numbers and other critical information which could have severe consequences. D hope for positive results and believe that the government will take necessary steps to put an end to their misery. The government has assured them for the same.

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