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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Gurumaa on BBC

anandmurti gurumaaThe following is a transcript of the live radio talk show with Anandmurti Gurumaa, hosted by Anita Rani on BBC Asian Network online radio, UK.

  • BBC: Does any body have the ability to be enlightened?
  • GURUMAA: Every one is born to be enlightened. Actually we have this treasure within us; the only thing is that the dust on it has to be removed. It is not that you have to attain it, it is that you have it; you just have to know it that you have it.
  • BBC: How do we do that…through religion?
  • GURUMAA: No! Through being one with yourself. Religion just lays down the methodologies one can opt for, but the basic thing is coming face to face with your own real self, with your own real being. Now, we don’t have to construct that being, we don’t have to invent that being; it’s right there. The only thing is that we have lost touch with our own self. We are more body obsessed, sensual; pleasure possessed and obsessed people who have forgotten what we truly are. The Sage, the Master, the Guru through his/her knowledge helps us to know our real self. The self with which we identify is a false self, an illusionary self. It is more of the identification with the body and the conditioning which has been given by the society & the family. We just know about our self which has been told by others.
  • BBC: So, we are living in a very selfish society
  • GURUMAA: A very ignorant; I won’t say selfish.
  • BBC: That’s why you feel is your duty to do what you are doing
  • GURUMAA: It’s not my duty; I hate the word ‘duty’; I hate the word ‘obligation’. I always say this that I am not doing any service to anyone; I am just celebrating my own being and I am just inviting others to be a participant in this great party which is happening.
  • BBC: How do we get back in touch with our self? By having a Guru?
  • buddhaGURUMAA: Guru is just a friend who can point the finger towards the moon, but you have to go to this journey yourself. No one can do this journey for you; not even the greatest master can do.
    Even if Lord Shiva comes live, face to face you and says, Ok I am your Guru; yet Shiva can only give us the path, the maps, but we have to do all the working by our self.
    Guru is the one who will motivate you, inspire you and would not let you so back to sleep; will help you wake up. But the final responsibility is upon the aspirant who wishes to be in that state. That’s the reason I am using lot of music, lot of poetry, lot of literature in my work so that all kinds of people who are at different levels can come to me & listen and then contemplate on what I am doing, and then wish to be in that state about which I am applauding in singing all the glories.
  • BBC: Mind is such a powerful force which keeps going outside into the pleasures of the world. It’s not easy to go inside to still the mind. So, how do we do it?
  • GURUMAA: Yes, Mind is the biggest enemy which man is carrying within him but the mind is also our biggest friend. The need to be in company of an enlightened person is only for a sole objective that the Master guides you how to train your mind that this mind becomes your friend and not your enemy.
    In Ignorance, there are dark shadows; child gets scared of all these dark shadows and begins to think that there are ghosts in my room. But the mother brings the light and in the light all the ghosts are gone. Child doesn’t have to struggle; but with this light, with this illumination, all ghosts just go away. Similarly, the Guru works like a mother, brings the light of knowledge to the mind; the mind which was having the ghosts of lust, greed, prejudice, hatred and with this illumination of the mind we get a clear insight, and we come to know how this mind is to be used and then you become your own master.
    Now, mind is the master, not you! You are just a slave of the mind. That’s the reason mind says go angry, you are angry; Mind says go in the lust, you fall in lust; Mind says go and do the rat race, and you are part o the rat race.
  • BBC: Aren’t these natural reactions? If somebody upsets me, I get angry; I am in a rat race because I want to succeed.
  • GURUMAA: Here we go wrong. To use the right capacity of the mind we need to get the right training and if we don’t, we are at the level of animal.
    There are 3 levels: one is the level of animal, the other level of human, and the third level is of divine. We might look as a human being but still the human being has three levels. Most of the people are born as an animal, we are very instinctive, and we just listen to our body. Body says hungry: we eat; body says thirsty: we drink. Those people who are listening to the instinctive signs & symbols, and the language of the body are in the category of being just an animal although they are in human body. The second level is the level of being truly human. Again & again we are telling our children, be a human; they are a human being yet we say: do humane things, be humane, have humane feelings. This means it needs lot of effort co come at the level of human being. It’s always hard to ascend but it’s always easy to fall down; gravity helps you to fall down easily. We are born with this animal instinct, so it’s very very easy to listen to your instincts and act upon that. But who is a human being? Who is not just listening to the instincts of the body; its not that the body will trigger out various emotions and the body will begin to react on that. When I say, be a human then you don’t react, you act. There’s a big difference.
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Posted in  Interviews | July 1st, 2008
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