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Friday, October 24, 2014

Create ‘I’ Witty


The infinite spectrum of creativity has often been perceived as limited to the fields like art and literature. It is because when we think from limited mind, things look in a very small bracket, as our conscious mind is not bigger than a bubble. The scientists have proved that the capacity of human brain is immense but we are using only 3% of our brain; this means even Einstein used just close to 6% of his capacity.
With the limitations of the mind, we tend to believe that ‘creativity’ means art, literature, dance or music. But once we transcend the mind then we realize that right from the smallest speck of dust to the largest volumptuous sized planet in cosmos, each and every area is part of creativity; even a glade of grass is so immaculately designed and shaped, has been given a specific color, identity, and consciousness, but which is in sleep mode. When we say ‘creativity’ then whatever our senses can perceive and whatever is beyond the perception, whatever we can think about and whatever is beyond thinking comes in the region of creativity. So, we cannot use a marker and boldly say that this is a part of the creativity, and rest is not.
Nothing in this universe is mundane. The flawless beauty of trees and plants, the blossoming of flowers, the chirping of birds, all is happening because of creativity. Just have a look at your hands; they are so intricately, beautifully, and creatively aligned. Can this be compared with something lesser than an art? The way your eyes and ears are working; the way the dance of the blood is happening in your body; it’s more of a “dance” as it is going against the gravity, rushing all towards the head and it’s coming back down. So, we cannot limit creativity to art, literature, music or dance. Creativity is much bigger and we need to broaden up our vision to really understand this.
In Mythology, we say that the creator has created this creation, the world, which we are seeing, but if you go more into the depth, then there is no creator but creativity is happening. It’s a constant process; the nature is working constantly & persistently.
Creativity is a continuous process and you cannot put it in a bracket that these things alone fit into the label of creativity and rest does not. Creativity is something which is an ‘integral part’ of us. The only thing is that we have to open-up our eyes to see, admire and enjoy the creativity.


Every human being is born with great capacities: capacity to think, to create, to admire beauty, to write beautiful poetry, painting, dancing, cooking, mothering, fathering. There are scores of people who are painters but they don’t know that they have this capacity or ability in them.
Society at large is more concerned for pleasing the senses. So, there is a non-ending list of materials which people long and dream to possess, including the hunger to get recognition, name and fame. They go on praying to God for fulfillment of their wants and wishes. Now actually it’s not what they want, it is what they are seeing that people have it and now they too want to have what others have.
We can say that creativity exists in every person. Cooking is an expression of creativity; keeping your books neatly on the book-shelf is creativity. Beauty too is an expression of creativity. Move into the tribal areas where there is no reach of any cosmetic industries and neither do they have money to spend on products, but yet all these women have innovative ways to beautify their bodies. They might use the chalk or mix ash or use some dye made by crushing some plant leaves, and make a paste to then beautify her body. This too is creativity.creative capacities
Now, creativity is being lost in these mundane activities. Right from the tribal woman, to that upscale New York cosmopolitan educated woman who has loads of money to spend and buy those expensive things from 52nd Avenue, both these women have their own versions of creativity but both of them are concerned with their body alone. Their expression of creativity is too much limited to the matter, their body, which is mortal. So we can say that it is not the optimum or real creativity. But everyone has it, in one proportion or degree.


We need to relate and spend more time with our own self; Relating with one self means relating with breath, mind, brain and then consciousness. The more you bring this “pranic energy” in your body, higher will be the degree of your consciousness.

love brigns out all creativityThe higher the degree of consciousness, there will be more possibilities for the higher intuitions to happen to you.
And when you are in the range where mind has been uncluttered, body has been energized with “Prana Energy”, with the “Cosmic Energy”, you are more at an receiving end, where you’ll be able to imbibe the knowledge, the wisdom from your own higher regions.
This is the best thing which one can do and this means you need to learn “yoga“. You need to learn to meditate. You need to learn the value and the celebration of ‘singing’, the ‘kirtan‘. You need to learn to be in ‘love’. Love brings out all creativity. You need to be in love with your own true self, your own ‘higher self’ and those who will begin to move in this direction, their personalities get shaped up.
There is a long list of mystic masters viz Sant Kabir, Baba Sheikh Farid, and more, who never went to any school or university, but a mystical thing happened to them, and that’s their master happened to them. This one meeting with the master inspired divine love in their hearts, and this small light of divine love grew so big that their personalities were transformed. Then this love pushed them to such a state where poetry began to flow through; not any ordinary poetry, but the poetry in which the truth was being depicted. If the master wouldn’t have come in their life, they would have ended up being just a very ordinary person.


Meditation Creativity
Every meditator is definitely a creator because he or she is creating the higher levels of consciousness within, and with this higher level of consciousness, all beautiful things will happen.
There is a profound relationship between meditation and creativity. A non-meditative person cannot be really a creative person. Now sometimes people are allergic to the word “Meditation”. What they don’t understand is that
The real objective of meditation is to be in the right state of mind where concentration, contemplation and awareness manifest in the being.

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Posted in  Cover Story, Sep-Oct 2007, Soul Curry Special | September 1st, 2007
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