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Tips for Hiring Paving Contractors

Asphalt paved driveways are extremely popular and the most cost effective to install over most other driveway options. Hiring the right asphalt paving contractors however can sometimes be a challenge. If the paving contractor installs the asphalt driveway correctly the driveway it should last 25-30 years with only minor asphalt maintenance processes. Unlike concrete, an asphalt paved driveway is both strong and flexible and is ideal for colder temperature areas where constant freezing and thawing occur.

Typically, asphalt paving contractors will mix two layers of Hot Mix Asphalt over the sub-base layer while in some cases a paving contractor may suggest a full-depth asphalt application. This type of application is best if very heavy vehicles will be regularly parked on the driveway. With a full-depth asphalt application the entire driveway, including the gravel sub-base layer, is constructed using liquid asphalt cement. By additionally binding the sub-base gravel layer with the liquid asphalt cement a much stronger paved driveway is created.3

When hiring any paving company you should plan to get 3-4 quotes to get the best comparison of workmanship and price. Talk with friends and family members, as well as search the yellow pages or the internet to find local paving contractors in your area. With any contractor you hire, you want to make sure they are insured and bonded to protect you from any liability as well as to protect you from any sub-par performance on the contractor’s behalf. Lead times for paving a driveway can be up to several weeks, so plan appropriately when talking with your prospective paving contractors.

In order to obtain accurate quotes from the asphalt paving contractors for asphalt repairs it is best to have a sketch of the home and the desired driveway footprint. You should also tour the site with the paving contractor and have him or you stake or paint lines where the paved driveway is to lay. When talking to the prospective paving contractors make sure the subject of installing proper slopes and drainage is discussed. Otherwise you may end up with water pooling on the finished driveway, or even worse, draining into your garage or home. It is also critical that during the installation of all the various layers to the driveway that they are each compacted prior to the installation of the next layer of material.

Also, if there are any municipal pipes that need to be raised to the finished height of the driveway, find out if the quotes given by the paving contractors include the performance of this task. In addition, confirm that the contractor will remove and reinstall any type of gate or door to the new finished level of the paved driveway. With these few basic tips you are on your way to hiring the right paving contractor for your driveway.


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