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Top 5 Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, is visited by many tourists to enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of past centuries. It is clearly felt here not only in the architectural monuments of Gaudi and the narrow medieval streets of Barrio Gotico, but also in the beautiful gardens and parks of Barcelona, without which the city would lose its unique appearance.


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What are those beautiful and amazing parks and gardens of this beautiful city?

The magnificent work of Antonio Gaudi Park Guell is declared the World Heritage of UNESCO. EusebiGüell, dreamed of erecting a luxurious garden city with 60 exclusive houses. As a result, only a park and two houses were built, the style and architecture of which resemble dwellings of fairy-tale characters. The famous garden pleasantly surprises by its original fountains with allegorical animal sculptures, winding benches, a Greek theater with a huge viewing platform. Everything in this park – walls, roofs, benches, fountains – is decorated with a unique mosaic.


Citadel Park is one of the largest parks in Barcelona,resemblingby its style the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. It is located on the avenue Marquésd’Argentera, near the Arc de Triomphe. Here, on the background of a huge waterfall and artificial lake, Catalan Parliament, Winter Garden, several museums, fairytale castle of the Three Dragons, Zoo and the Chapel are located. High palm and orange trees, wonderful fountains, beautiful flowers and ancient sculptures complement the splendor of this park. In the park, you can play table tennis, dance at a special park area and sit in cozy cafes.


Labyrinth del Horta Park is the oldest and the best preserved historic park, which is rightfully considered the pearl of Barcelona. It is located on the territory of the former manor of Marquis Desvalles at the foot of Serra de Collserola. It was the residence of the aristocrat’s family. There are also emerald-green trimmed cypresses, romantic benches, small waterfalls, canals and fresh water reservoirs in which carps splash. Nevertheless, the main “highlight” of the park is a green labyrinth with a Cupid statue in the center. It is said that after passing through the whole labyrinth from the first time and touching the statue, you will find luck in love without failure.

The Gardens of Laribal is truly idyllic park in Barcelona. It is decorated with bizarre flowerbeds in arabesque style. The magnificent vegetation here is interspersed with cool fountains, the most famous of which is Font del Gat. This is the largest park in Barcelona. The gardens are considered one of the real pearls of Montjuic hill. On the whole territory, the style is consistent, which makes a walk in the park a real pleasure.


Being on the slope of the famous mountain Montjuic, you can find the gardens ofMossèn Costa iLlobera. Named in honor of the Catalonian poet Mikel Costa-i-Llobier, the amazing garden offers quaint plants of exotic and Mediterranean nature. There are more than 800 different kinds of cactuses and dozens of different palm trees and exotic subtropical trees. Many cactuses are already over 200 years old. You will even be able to attend various seminars about gardening and plant care.


All the gardens and parks in Barcelona have their own unique history and charm. It is now your turn to discover the green sights of the city!

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